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My mission is to help maximize your health and quality of life.  For some of you this may means helping you heal from your injures as quickly as possible and minimize your risk of re-injury.  For others this means helping you to decrease pain and maximize function and quality of life. 

How do we accomplish this mission together?

There are three important aspects to treatment: Osteopathic manual therapy, education and exercise.  With osteopathy we provide a holistic treatment to help your internal self regulatory and healing processes.  An emphasis is placed upon education to help you understand your injury or problems, the healing process, what you should and should not do to help yourself, and how your thoughts and beliefs about your injury can impact healing.  Therapeutic exercises are essential to rebuild strength, flexibility and mobility.  We will also address things such as stress, anxiety, exercise, sleep and nutrition.  If necessary, we will refer you to other health care professionals or interventions to help you become healthier, happier and more vital and maximize your quality of life.
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