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Knowledge is Power: Understanding your biology, physiology, the healing process helps you take control of your pain, health and injury!

No one enjoys being injured, having a disease or illness, and no one likes to have pain. The goal of treatment, interventions and our lifestyle choices should reflect our desire to maximize our health and well-being so that we may be healthier, happier and vibrant. This means orienting our efforts to help you be healthy and stay that way. What this entails is a lifestyle to help prevent us from injuries and illness. If we are injured or ill, doing everything we can to make the injury and illness something of the past.

Your body and brain has the remarkable ability to adapt, repair, regenerate and transform. Our environment and behaviors including exercise and changes in diet and lifestyle also impact our physical structure, our physiology and even the expression of our genes.  Changes in diet and lifestyle can reverse the changes of cardiovascular disease, improve circulation, improve the health of bones and muscles, improve cognitive function, effect gene expression, and decrease the risk of arthritis and neuro-degenerative diseases.To drive these processes your body needs the right environment and tools. Recapturing our health, or maximizing our well being is about learning, understanding and utilizing a number of core concepts and principles to help drive your biology and physiology, it's structure and function, in the direction of health and away from disease, illness and injury.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The WHO has utilized this definition and it has not been modified since 1948. Although we have recognized that health is more than the absence of disease, only very recently, mostly in the past 20 years, has there been a growing body of research on the positive scale of health. Our physical health is a mirror or our mental and emotional health.  They are mirror reflections of each other.  We know that chronic low back pain increases your chances of depression. We also have a large body of evidence that clearly demonstrate that positive mental and emotional health decreases our risk of illness including cancer and cardiovascular disease, improves treatment outcomes when we are ill, decreases the risk of mortality when we experience different illnesses, increases our life span and these factors are as important and in some cases more important than genetics, socio-economic status, and diet and lifestyle factors.
There is therefore a positive scale to health as well, where we strive to thrive. Understanding certain core concepts and principles will help us stay healthy, recapture our health, and maximize our physical well-being. The following is an introduction to some of these core concepts and principles. You will find links and recommendations for further readings if you wish to learn more.
Ostéopathie et l'éducation
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